SBANE Presentation Rescheduled 4/5/12


Boston Financial Resources is taking part in the rescheduled:

 Pathway to Asset Recovery With Your Bank 

Address: Reservoir Place 1601 Trapelo Road Edgartown Room Waltham, MA 02451 USA Map and Directions

Date:                 04/05/2012               

Time:                7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Price: $59.00


“Pathway to Asset Recovery With Your Bank”

“Work Out…Work Through…Asset Recovery” are terms that describe companies that are transitioning back to profitability with their lenders.  Some lenders such as Eastern Bank and Middlesex Savings Bank take a patient approach to toward companies undergoing a transformation.  If you haven’t experienced a transfer of your loan from the conventional lending platform to an expert who specializes in rehabilitating troubled assets, this seminar is an excellent guide to that runway.

We have secured two seasoned bank veterans that concentrate on helping companies reposition their debt to a successful exit back to the commercial lending platform.  We also tapped two experienced turnaround management consultants that work with operating companies restructuring trade and bank debt toward aligning the company’s existing cash flow to their ability to satisfy a revised debt service capability.


  • John Farmer, Senior Vice President, Eastern Bank, Lynn, MA
  • Chuck Merrill, Vice President, Middlesex Savings Bank, Natick, MA
  • John Weeks, Principal, Boston Financial Resources, Boston, MA
  •  Jim O’Connor, Principal, The O’Connor Group, Bedford, MA

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