Succession Planning

Of the vast majority of our clients, particularly in the manufacturing sector, most are multi-generation, family owned enterprises. We work with these businesses to develop the platform for transition of ownership. We work with all members of the family to implement financial strategies to provide the cash flow to pay the selling shareholder(s) an amount which is representative of the enterprise value while at the same time being mindful of the need to retain sufficient current earnings to support operations and future growth.

Our goal is to perpetuate the family ownership prospects of a client and provide the resources to build long term stability. This includes identifying adjunct personnel to broaden the senior management group.

Our role is also to develop tax advantaged buyout options and they can take the form of leveraged buyouts, non-compete agreements, stock transfers, redeemable preferred stock and gifting programs.

In most cases, we work with a number of qualified appraisers of the stock of privately held companies and this provides the most objective form of valuation which is least likely to be challenged.

We recognize that each generation brings different skill sets to the business and we try to be an objective sounding board to enhance the process of ownership transition while at the same time preserving the core identity of the enterprise.